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Discover our liberal congregation, serving the Jewish communities of Homestead, Perrine, Palmetto Bay, The Redland, Cutler Ridge, Upper Keys & Northern Monroe County. Celebrating 60 years of continuous service, our synagogue was founded as a Jewish Community Center to build a spiritual hub for Jewish residents deep in South Miami-Dade and the upper Keys.

Temple Hatikvah means The Temple of Hope and we invite you to share in our hope, prayers, and devotion to Jewish life.

Temple Hatikvah Bulletin Aug-Sept-Oct 2018
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Fri., May 4  7:30pm Kabbalt Shabbat Service
Sat., May 19  6:00pm Erev Shavuot
June 2018 SERVICES
Fri., June 8  7:30pm Kabbalt Shabbat Service
Fri., June 22  7:30pm Kabbalt Shabbat Service
August 2018 SERVICES
Fri., Aug. 10  7:30pm Kabbalt Shabbat Service
Sat., Aug. 25  6:00pm Havdalah Service
September 2018 SERVICES
Sun., Sept. 9  7:30pm Erev Rosh Hashana,
Mon., Sept. 10  10:00am Rosh Hashana Day
Tue., Sept. 18  7:30pm Kol Nidre
Wed., Sept. 19  10:00am Yom Kippur Day


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